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I am a fine art printmaker based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, nowadays working mostly in etching and drypoint from my studio at South Square, Thornton.

My work is based on observation and drawing and is usually about locations - real, imagined or a mixture of the two. I have a broad interest in landscape, although the city is a major focus of my work and even my rural landscapes usually feature the marks of habitation.

I am interested in the glamour and fascination of landscapes, and in the hold that even very ordinary places can have over our imagination.

Subjects that particularly interest me include: the domestic city scene, urban and industrial landscapes, walls and hedges, paths and power lines; in short, the landscape in use.

I use a wide range of traditional and contemporary printmaking methods, but I am currently concentrating on etching and drypoint etching, producing very small editions in which each print is subtly different.